The soil in your carpet and how we address it...

Counteracting the sticky soils is the goal of carpet cleaning...
High Flow Cleaning: 
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Rotavac high flow scrubber


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We used the Rotovac to produce the results on the right.  It is a great tool we like to use to revive carpets that seem to have seen better days!

Encapsulation Technology


On average, dry soils comprise about 80% of the total soil in a carpet.  Most dry soil is removed with regular vacuuming.  Oily and sticky soils comprise the other 20%.  These soils attract and hold dry soils to the surface, diminishing the appearance of your carpets and causing premature wear and damage through abrasion.

Depending on the type of carpet and soil conditions, we utilize various processes to restore or maintain your carpet.  We always start with a thorough vacuuming to remove as much dry soil as possible.  We then employ a scrubbing process with the best equipment and detergent technology available to safely and thoroughly remove all of the soils that have attached to the carpet fibers.

Sometimes a carpet needs to be flushed, like the one pictured below.  In cases like this we employ a high flow system that scrubs then rinses the carpet clean.  This process is good for neglected carpets or carpets that experience higher traffic flow or heavy soiling.  We use the Rotovac to scrub, flush and thoroughly extract the carpet.  The pictures below demonstrate the results we can achieve (for you)!

All carpet cleaning methods leave some residue.  It's the residue that can cause problems.  We employ the latest encapsulation technology which helps to ensure a continuing clean for you.  This technology, pioneered by DuPont, elevates the effectiveness of a professional carpet cleaning.  The detergents we utilize surround and encapsulate residual soils at the microscopic level and dry to a hard, brittle crystal. The invisible crystals cannot attract other soils or reattach to carpet fibers.  They are easily removed with regular vacuuming.  The benefit to you is clean carpet that stays clean for a noticeably longer time!


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