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Over-wet carpets
Rapid Resoiling
Recurring Spots and Spills
Unpleasent Odors and Harsh Chemicals

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We offer a low moisture scrubbing process that uses only enough water to effectively clean your carpet.  Dry soil is removed by thoroughly pre-vacuuming the carpet.  After the pre-vac, only soils sticking to the carpet fibers remain.  Scrubbing action is the best way to remove these soils.  Your carpet will dry quickly without lingering wet carpet odors and will continue to look great long after the cleaning is done, because we utilize cleaning technology that contains a built-in carpet protector.  If flushing is required, we will use equipment designed to provide both a through flushing and a very high rate of recovery.

Rapid resoiling is a problem associated with residue left behind after carpet cleaning.  It's symptom is a carpet that looses its just cleaned look soon after it dries.  Encapsulation technology, which can be employed in all of our processes, helps solve this problem.  The rapid resoiling process can be compared to water evaporating from the ocean.  Salt in the ocean water stays behind as evaporation occurs.  Water evaporates from the surface of a newly cleaned carpet.  The residue, like salt in the ocean, cannot evaporate and is left on or near the surface.  Encapsulation technology surrounds residuals at the microscopic level and prevents them from reattaching to the carpet fiber.  The neutralized residues are removed with regular vacuuming.  Without this technology, residues may migrate back into the carpet fibers causing....Rapid Resoiling.

We do not use harsh chemicals and solvents to clean your carpet.  We also don't use cheap deodorizers.  Our processes leave your air smelling clean and fresh and since your carpet will dry quickly, you will never have to put up with a lingering wet carpet odor.


Choose Revive for fast drying clean carpets that stay clean!



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You may have spots that reappear soon after the carpet is cleaned.  There are a couple causes of this frustrating condition.  Some spots are caused by a sticky substance on the carpet fibers that attracts dry soil.  If the sticky substance is not completely removed it will again attract dry soil, making the spot seem to magically reappear.


Another type of spot occurs as a result of something being spilled (such as soda) deeply into the carpet.  This type of spill usually penetrates into the carpet backing or even onto the floor underneath.  Too much moisture can put the sticky substance into solution and allow the evaporation process to wick it back to the surface during drying.  Improper cleaning methods may even activate spills you didn't know existed, causing "new" spots to appear on your carpet.


Understanding the nature of spots has allowed us to design ways to eliminate them permanently for you.


Keeping your carpets consistently clean will prolong their life!