Is it time to Revive your carpets? Features of a Revive carpet cleaning include:

Keep your area rugs and upholstery looking great!

Revive your furniture!

A multi-step process is required to achieve the best results!











Apply Cleaning Solution

Scrub Carpet

Flush and Extract

Groom and Apply Carpet Protector

Don't just have your carpets cleaned.....Have them Revived!

This often skipped step is very important.  Dry soil comprises about 80% of the total soil in your carpet.  Thorough vacuuming removes the dry soil while it's still dry.  The following "wet" processes are designed to remove sticky, oily soils and spots or stains.  Best practice is to remove dry soil when it's dry. 

The choice of carpet cleaning detergent is important.  Depending on the soil in your carpet, we will utilize a high quality detergent to achieve the best possible results for you.  Sometimes different rooms have different requirements.  We always base our detergent choice on the final result.  An important consideration in choosing detergents for our jobs is safety.  We avoid hazardous products for your safety and of course, ours too, since we are cleaning every day!

Scrubbing action ensures as much soil removal as possible.  Spots and stains often require scrubbing for complete removal.  We have found that the scrubbing step is the most important step to produce consistent results, therefore we always scrub every carpet we clean! We have a number of different machines we use for carpet scrubbing.

This step is often the only step performed by some cleaners.  Soils loosened with the detergent and scrubbing process are removed with flushing action.  We do this when it is necessary.  In cases where there is heavy soiling, we flush the carpet with a high flow rotary extraction system called the Rotovac.  The Rotovac system adds rotary scrubbing and flushing and is at the heart of our restorative cleaning projects. 

The last step is grooming.  Grooming provides a nice even look, removes the patterns caused by cleaning equipment and footprints and promotes more effective drying by perking up matted-down areas.  If carpet protector is to be applied, we apply it with the final grooming step.

Keep your home looking nice!

 Dining room rugs should be cleaned regularly.
  • Cleaner Carpets that stay clean
  • No over-wet carpets...dry times in as little as 2 hours!
  • No more recurring spots and spills
  • Safe, non hazardous, no unpleasant odors
  • Great results on Berber!
  • Reasonably priced....Guaranteed results!
  • Multi-step processes...we take our time to do the job right!
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