We specialize in making Commercial Carpet clean! And nobody does it better!
Revive Carpet Care utilizes processes designed specifically for the commercial environment....
What you won't get...
What you will get...
Preserve your carpet investment..... With a Revive Clean Carpet Program!

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Revive Carpet Care

Providing CLEAN CARPET for the Philadelphia area

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A cost effective Revive Clean Carpet Program is the best way to keep your carpets consistently clean while protecting your investment.

Consistent clean with a Revive Clean Carpet Program!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is our specialty!

 Keep your facility in top shape with a Revive maintenance program!


The carpet installed in your facility not only represents a significant investment, but also plays a major role in contributing to the overall image people have of your business.  Perfectly clean carpets point to your attention to detail.  While clean carpets may not even be noticed, dirty carpets definitely will.  You can protect both your investment and your image by letting Revive Carpet Care  create a custom tailored maintenance plan for you.  Most of our commercial customers already have a janitorial service, but rely on us as their carpet cleaning experts.  We work well with janitorial services, since their focus is more on the day-to-day responsibilities.  See how our expertise and technology combine to provide you with clean carpets that stay clean!

Carpeting is a significant investment.  A properly maintained carpet will last a long time, preserving your investment.  The sign of a properly maintained carpet is a consistently clean look.  Newly installed carpet that is properly maintained will retain its new look for years.  A Revive Clean Carpet Program is designed for your facility and your budget to produce consistently clean carpet for you.  While protecting your investment, your carpets will always look great!  Regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings can be significantly cheaper than restorative cleanings that are required when carpets get out of control.  Revive Clean Carpet Programs also include "peace of mind" features like emergency spill clean-ups at no extra charge.  Spills happen, we'll fix it for you.  Just give us a call.  The graph below shows how a regular maintenance program is the best alternative to maintain your carpet investment. 

We can service virtually any size facility from an expansive office complex to a skyscraper to a small store front.  We only have one requirement...Your desire to have great looking carpet.

Our customers include: property managers, business offices, janitorial services, realtors, rental property owners, professional offices, schools, stores, condominium communities, restaurants and churches...anyone who has carpet and wants it to look great!

  • No over-wet carpets
  • No bad smells
  • No recurring spill stains
  • No disruption.....we work on your schedule
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No open doors to facilitate hoses
  • No disruptive noise
  • Your carpets cleaned with a process designed specifically for the commercial setting
  • Clean carpets that stay clean (see clean carpet page)
  • Very fast dry times
  • Prompt service.....on your schedule
  • Free demonstration
  • Compliments from your customers
  • We will work with your existing janitorial service